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4-MEC ( CRYSTALS) For Sale:

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4-Methylethcathinone is a chemical substance similar to mephedrone.  Because of its similarity to mephedrone, it is  a stimulant and entactogenic drug of the chemical classes of phenethylamine, amphetamine and catinone. The marketing is  out alone or mixed with other substitute catinones bearing the name “NRG-2”.

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Usage of 4-Methylethcathinone|4-MEC ( CRYSTALS) For Sale ;

Bulk material is available for academic research purposes. Contact our sales department for prices.
4-methyl-N-ethyl cathinone
4-MEC ( CRYSTALS) for sale
4-Methyl Ethcathinone (4-MEC) is a catinone derivative that is identify as several synthetic drugs design for recreational use . It is asubstitutes for controll stimulants such as methamphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.  1,2,3 The hydrochloride formulation of this compound is for   standard forensic analysis of specimens that may contain 4-MEC.

Points to note |4-Methylethcathinone For Sale

As always, try to get your sample only from established companies. It may be easier to buy the drug from illegal sources than good  companies, but  obtaining  from illegal sources may have various other factors that can cause different types of physical problems after prolonged use.

Discounts are available for the amount of the medicine you are claiming at the same time. The drug can be purchased in bags containing a small amount of up to 5 g. You can request a shipment of up to  2 kg beyond which no distributor will sell the medicine. The larger the quantity you order, the greater the discount.

Warning ;

This did not deter merchants who lost large sums of money with the implementation of the ban. Soon, selling this  drug 4 MEG on the market to replace the mephedrone ban. The substitution drug is very similar to mephedrone in its chemical composition. Since it also belongs to the chemical family of catinones, it also has the same effects as mephedrone. You can have the same feelings of euphoria and euphoria when using this medication. It will relax you in the same way as .4-MEC ( CRYSTALS) for sale

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20 g, 50 g, 100 g, 250 g=1/4 Kg, 500 g= 1/2 Kg, 1000 g =1 Kg


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    Again another happy transaction

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